Facial Yoga Poses For Younger-Looking Skin

best-facial-exercises-640x474-1Yoga has a plethora of benefits to your overall health. Not just that, it can help you to lose your weight and can provide a younger-looking skin as well. Today, there are plenty of treatments available in the market to maintain the overall appearance of the skin. But when you have an easy and free option, then why to waste your hard-earned money on such conventional treatments! So, today, let’s see some of the effective facial yoga poses for younger looking skin:

  • The X and O Exercise: With these two letters, you can actually strengthen your cheeks and jaw muscles. These letters basically burn the fat from that particular area. All you need to do is to utter these letters by keeping your head stiff and face relaxed.

  • Cheek Lift: For this, close your lips and try to pull your cheeks towards your eyes using your fingers. Just raise the corners of your smile and stretch it widely. This is the best way to give massage to your face!

  • Fish Face: This exercise is quite famous and is used to give your lips a good shape. The exercise is pretty easy as you only need to draw your cheeks inwards. This resembles a fish mouth and so does the yoga pose!

  • Pout And Tilt: If you want to get rid of the double chins, then try out this pose. Just bend your head backward and try to make a stiff pout. This way, it will burn the extra fat from the chin area.


These were some of the famous facial yoga poses which will not only give you a perfect face shape but will also help you in getting rid of the premature signs of aging. These facial yoga poses are very effective and have numerous benefits. So, this time, instead of opting for expensive medical treatments, try out these simple yet easy yoga poses.